Flashing Tasmota onto a Sonoff Basic Part1: Preparation

Second Blogpost, new Topic. Today I will be writing a how to: Flashing Tasmota onto a Sonoff Basic Device. Again, please do not attempt this if you need a warranty. Please also note that I will not be responsible for any damages that may occur to you or your property by following this article.

Here is what you need:

1. A Sonoff Basic Wifi Smart Switch

2. A soldering iron

3. A bunch of fitting cables or soldering pins

4. A FTDI USB to Serial Converter

5. Patience and some time 🙂


The Sonoff Basic Devices you can currently buy on several chinese stores all have one incommon: the soldering pin mounting holes are soldered shut. So you will need your soldering iron to solder the pins/cables onto those holes.

The endresult should look something like this.

I soldered all 5 pins.

Once the soldering is done you will need your FTDI Converter and the cables. Make sure that your FTDI Converter is set to 3.3 Volt, NOT 5V. There should be a jumper on the FTDI Board which lets you select the voltage.

The picture is set to 5V, make sure you select 3.3V by moving the jumper to the right.

Connect the FTDI Pins with the soldered pins as follows:

Once the cabling is done you are ready to go.


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